Padlock Removal

Unlock Your Life Faster

Need a padlock removed, but don’t have the key? Our experienced technician at Williams Locksmith can help you resolve the solution quickly and affordably.

Whether you’re locked out of your storage unit or can’t find the key to the padlock on your gate, we’ve got you covered. Simply provide Williams Locksmith with proof that you own the object or space the padlock is protecting, and we’ll get to work.

How Can Williams Locksmith Help? 

Our experienced technician can help remove padlocks from a variety of residential and commercial properties in the Des Moines metro and surrounding communities, including:

  • Storage units
  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Garage doors

Don’t Sit Waiting for the Other Guys

What Our Customers Say

“Williams Locksmith was super helpful and punctual! He was actually the second number we called. The first company claimed to be 24-hour but answered the phone “Hello, we have no techs tonight.” Williams Locksmith, however, answered and said they would come out immediately, at a good price! He showed up from across town and got us in within a few minutes! Super helpful and friendly! Will recommend and keep their number for future!”

– Brittany D.